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The Summit:  The Discussions

This year, the Summit revolves around the theme of “Lead the Change”. Globalisation has been an extraordinary force of change for India. Of course, India’s widely dispersed diaspora through its invaluable contributions across the globe has accelerated the ‘Rise of India’ on the global map. These leaders, in their own way, personify India’s struggle against mediocrity, stagnancy and red-tapism.

As part of this overarching theme, three separate panel discussions will pit these leaders against each other as they deliberate on the following topics:

1. “India’s changing the world”: How is India affecting the world in terms of business, economy and culture?

2. “Indo-UK relations”: The dynamics of the political relationship between New Delhi and London and its ramifications on trade, economy, policy and global security.

3. “Drawing the right kind of growth graph”: How education can be a catalyst to the changing dynamics?