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About WCRC

World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) is a multi-dimensional consulting company with belief in its core values of innovation and intelligence which, in turn, create brand value. WCRC is in the businesses of Management Consulting, Strategy Consulting, Brand Architecture, Image Management, Research, Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, Alliances and Business Advisory. We are a 360-degree consulting company that concentrates on creating greater brand value through innovations and intelligence. Through our industry knowledge, service expertise, people power, networking capabilities, innovative techniques and passion for clients and their business, we strategise and deliver the best value to brands to enable them to enter new markets and fortify current markets, increase brand value and revenues in existing markets, improve operational performance, function more effectively and efficiently, increase their sales and fortify their image through various tools of marketing.
WCRC is also one of the most credible brand listing and ranking firms in the world. Our research is innovative and makes use of best-in-class techniques. Our processes are advised and evaluated by global auditing majors. Apart from India’s Most Promising Brands, Asia’s Most Promising Brands, Most Valuable Brands, Cult Brands – Luxury and Lifestyle are some of our well-known and upcoming brand projects.
WCRC also publishes WCRC Leaders Asia, a pan-Asian business and policy monthly aimed at leaders in their respective fields across the continent. The sector-specific listings and rankings carried by WCRC Leaders Asia are the most credible brand studies in that domain and the entire research and documentation process is supervised by leading audit companies of the world.
Our team and advisors have the experience of handling more than 1000 top and medium level organisations in various areas of business. Our unparalleled experience in a variety of industries; extensive capabilities across all industries and business operations; and widespread research on brand values, image and equity of companies make us a consulting company for all client needs. Our people are the most networked across all categories over the years, thus making us an extremely formidable unit of people for your businesses. Our in-depth analysis and experience is another asset.
Our philosophy of “Innovations and Intelligence that build brand value” strategy is based on our expertise in the areas we operate to help clients deliver at the foremost levels so that they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders.